Please read the following guidelines carefully before submitting your paper, panel, poster, or film (participants can send a maximum of two proposals):

This conference is composed by panels. Panel topics are proposed by the participants, not by AIBR. This allows for great diversity and there will be space for close to 200 different panels. Each panel will last up to 2 hours with a maximum of 6 panelists.




Deadline for abstract submissions has been extended to: April 20, 2017.





Each panel will be composed of 4-6 papers that share a common theme. The coordinator will complete the information about the panel, a title, an abstract (max. 250 words), keywords (5 max.) and a general topic from a list of options. Once the panel has been registered each of the 4-6 panelists (including the coordinator) will submit his or her proposal, indicating the name of the panel and the name of the coordinator.


Each presenter will be given a maximum time of 15 minutes. Each paper shall be presented by one person only (author or co-author). Participants will present their papers either as a part of an already organized panel or as individual assigned to a panel by the Scientific Committee.


Maximum allowed length for films and documentaries is 100 minutes. It is necessary to indicate the length of the film in the submission. The Scientific Committee may request the complete film for evaluation.


Poster abstracts can be submitted through the conference submission portal. If accepted, they will be displayed during the four days of the conference. Our program will include a designated time slot during which the poster authors will be near their posters and available to discuss their research with the session attendees.

*The conference certificate will be only issued if the author has presented his or her proposal in the conference.



Individual papers, films, and posters: submissions must include the paper's title, an abstract (max. 250 words), keywords (max. 5), and indicate the main topic of the paper from a list of options. Abstracts shall have no authorship references; if the abstract indicates, directly or indirectly, who the author is the proposal will be rejected with no option to resubmit. There is no need to send the complete paper for registration nor at any later time. Please carefully revise the orthography, style, technical vocabulary and contents of the abstract; if the paper is accepted this is the information that will be published in the book of abstracts. It will also be the information that the Scientific Committee will consider for the approval.

Papers that have been submitted individually by the authors and that have been approved by reviewers will be assigned to a panel suggested by our Scientific Committee with other papers that address similar topics. For these panels composed of individual papers, one of the presenters will be asked to serve as moderator of the panel.




Although a paper can bear more than one signature, it is recommended that each paper is presented by one person. 

To receive a certificate of authorship, the author(s) must have registered for the conference. If the author(s) cannot attend the conference, the organization will not present the paper on their behalf. Only a coauthor attending the conference will be able to present a proposal instead of the main author, since he or she will be the only participant able to discuss the presented results.




Coordinating a panel involves convening 4 to 6 papers from different authors (the coordinator may or may not be one of them), registering the panel and serving as an intermediary between panelists and the conference organizers. Coordinators must assist panelists in the registration of their panels and make sure that panelists are registered for the conference. They will also moderate the timing of the panel as well as the question and answer period at the end of each session. The coordinator certificate will be only given if these conditions are met. The maximum number of coordinators is two.



All papers should be written in one of the official languages of the conference: Spanish, English or Portuguese. However, the panels can be multilingual.



The Scientific Committee will review the papers using a double-blind system. Each abstract will be evaluated by two anonymous reviewers. In case of a tie, a third reviewer will be consulted. Once the papers have been accepted, the panelists must register for the conference by July 1, 2017. The papers whose authors have not been registered after that date will be dropped from the program. Panels will only be kept in the program if they include at least 4 accepted papers. Otherwise, the panel will be removed from the conference and the approved papers will be distributed by the organization in other panels.



Given that there may be as many individual submissions as panel submissions already established around the main branches of the discipline, the subjects discussed will be diverse. On the proposal form, you will find an ample variety of topics into which you can classify your proposal.



No author or coauthor will be included in the program if he or she has not completed registration for the conference by July 31, 2017. There is no possibility to request a specific day or time. Accepted panelists should be available to present their work at any moment within the conference schedule.


(*)NOTE: These norms are subject to modifications by the conference organizing committee, as well as by AIBR's Board of Directors.




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