Paper submissions

What does it mean when it says the conference is organized by panels?

This conference is organized by panels, not symposiums. Panels are shorter in length than symposiums and it is the participants, not the organizing committee, that send their proposed themes. This allows for great diversity and there will be space for close to 200 different panels. Each panel will last a maximum of 2 hours with a maximum of 6 participants per panel.


What are the themes or topics?

The overall theme for this conference is “Travel, crossings, and borders.” Since the participants choose the specific topics they present, there will be representation from many branches of anthropology, from socio-cultural anthropology to applied anthropology, biological anthropology to archeological anthropology, linguistic anthropology to philosophical anthropology. You can find a list of various options on the registration form.

What should I do as a panel coordinator?

Coordinating a panel involves organizing 4 to 6 presenters (the coordinator may or may not be one of the presenters), coming up with a panel that has a coherent theme and functions as a whole, registering the panel, serving as a go-between for the panelists and the organizing committee, informing panelists on how to register their paper, being present during the presentations, and moderating the discussion time after each presentation. Only those coordinators who meet these requirements will receive the corresponding certificate.

We have two researchers and need more to make a panel, can we propose a panel and add presenters later?

No, this is not possible. To coordinate a panel, you must have a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 6 panelists. If the panel does not have the required number, we recommend reaching out to your social network to find more people who do research on your panel’s theme. You may use the icons for Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter on this page. This system allows the conference to put people who do similar research in contact with each other.

Do I have to find colleagues to participate in a panel?

Although it is recommended, it is not totally necessary to find colleagues and create a panel. You can submit a paper individually without any ties to a panel. In these cases, if the paper is accepted, it will be included in a panel with other individual submissions that have similar topics. If you prefer to organize a panel, you should register the panel first and then each participant should register their paper.

How should I choose which panel to present in?

When you send us your paper there are two possibilities: if you have already contacted other researches and want to present a panel together, you can do so through a closed registration. For a closed registration, the coordinator should propose the panel first, then each participant submits their papers indicating the name of their created panel. If you have not arranged a panel, it is NOT possible to choose from a list of panels. Instead, you should send your paper individually and the organizing committee will form new panels with other individual papers on similar topics.

Can you present in more than one panel?

Each participant can present up to 2 papers in two different panels.

I want to present a documentary or film at the conference, is it possible?

Yes, please submit a proposal using the form provided. The maximum length is 100 mins. We also allow poster submissions.


Should I send my entire paper for registration?

It is not necessary to send the entire text of a paper for either individual or panel submissions. Only an abstract of the paper to be presented is required; we will NOT require the complete text at any time.

How long will I have to present my work?

Each presentation will have a maximum of 15 minutes during a panel, which will have a maximum of 2 hours with 4 to 6 participants. Any remaining time will be used for Q&A and discussion after the individual presentations. 15 minutes may seem like a short time to present your work; however, this is not a doctoral defense, but rather the presentation of the results of a study with time for debate and discussion with colleagues. Audiovisual presentations will have 10 minutes to present the work, and after the viewing (or viewings, if there is more than one audiovisual in a time slot) any remaining time of the 2-hour maximum is for open discussion. For posters, there will be a day in which presenters should remain by their posters during a specific time slot in order to present and answer the questions of those interested.



I am a co-author of a paper to be presented, is it necessary for me to register for the conference to obtain a certificate of participation?

Yes. All panelists that take part in a presentation, either as the principal panelist or co-author, should be registered in the conference to receive a certificate.


I am doing my doctorate at a university, does this qualify me as a student to receive the reduced rate?

Yes, doctoral students are considered students as long as they remain matriculated during 2017. Post-doctoral contracts, however, are not considered as students and should register as professionals.

Are there scholarships for students?

AIBR does not currently have an established scholarship program, but maintains affordable prices for its international conferences and has decided to offer a reduced price to students and unemployed persons interested in attending.

Is there a registration cost for a panel or individual proposal?

No, the only cost to be paid by panelists is the registration, which can be paid once provisional approval for a panel or proposal has been received. For panelists to be included in the program all fees must be paid prior to July 31, 2017. After this date, all presenters who have not paid the fee in full will be removed from the program.

What is included in the registration fee for the 3rd AIBR Conference?

The fee includes a certificate of attendance in to the conference (only for those in attendance), the conference kit (including a USB with the book of abstracts and printed program), access to all of the spaces of the 3rd Conference with the presentation of your ID card, certificate of presentation (only presented to those presenting once the presentation is complete), and the closing dinner. It does not include travel, meals or lodging.


I paid the registration for the conference but I will not be able to attend. What is the refund policy?

Registrations canceled before June 30, 2017 will receive a 60% refund of the amount of the registration fee. Cancellations after that date will not be eligible for a refund.



Will a book of abstracts be published?

There will be a book of abstracts which will include the abstracts submitted during registration and the organized panels. However, there will not be a book detailing the presentations or with full texts of the papers presented. There are multiple reasons for this. On one hand, a conference presentation is not an article and has a radically distinct nature from a work published in print. On the other hand, once a presentation is published from conference proceedings, it stops being considered as an original work by many prestigious scientific publishers. Panels that achieve great quality and cohesion will have a good opportunity for sponsorship consideration from an editor interested in publishing their proceedings.

AIBR will invite all publishers in the discipline to the conference with the purpose of providing contacts for editing books and publications from the presented papers and panels.

What does AIBR membership consist of?

AIBR is a non-profit organization founded in 2002. AIBR members have the right to a series of advantages, among them a discount on the registration fee for AIBR and FAAEE conferences. 

Is there daycare service during the conference?

Yes, the conference organization offers participants free daycare service. Please, contact us if you intend to use it, since it will be necessary to make reservations in advance.


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