Travel is an activity that is inseparable from the human being; an activity that extends, in turn, to other species and entities. This quintessential activity has led to humanity occupying practically all areas of the planet and has defined what we are in every time and space throughout history.

This reflection lends itself to our theme for the 3rd International Conference of Anthropology. Our discipline and profession cannot be understood without travel and displacement in order to explore new places and other ways of seeing the universe. The idea of crossings, movement, and exploration is what drives many of us towards anthropology. These concepts provide the needed inspiration for creativity and give us remarkable challenge: to be at any time but now, and at any place but here, to see the world with other views.

For the first time the AIBR Conference will travel to another country. We cross the Atlantic Ocean to arrive at the beautiful city of Puerto Vallarta, in the state of Jalisco, Mexico. Thanks to the marvelous reception from the Centro Universitario de la Costa, from the University of Guadalajara, our annual meeting puts into practice the theme that defines it. "Travels, crossings, displacements" welcomes a large number of proposals and anthropologists from all the subfields of our discipline. From migration to resettlement, from tourism to business, from identity to alterity, from "us" to "the others"; this conference aims to create a space to combine a wide variety of formats to inspire discussion and debate.

We want this to be a very special conference, where not only do we share the latest research in our discipline, but we enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Pacific coast. The month of November enjoys an ideal climate in this area of Jalisco, offering an agreeable atmosphere without crowds of tourists. We hope that the conference provides an excellent opportunity for extending professional ties and making new colleagues.

We look forward to seeing you in Puerto Vallarta!





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